Archetypal Mentoring


MENTORING is an archetypal process of consulting with an adviser with an archetypal point of view, who helps guide and make the needed shifts to gain congruence with your life dreams and goals.

We look at your archetypal alignments and underlying repetitive patterns and what they are trying to express.  We then access all the internal mentors you already have to help you began to makes new alignments to your potential.

• Mentoring coaches by using positive and constructive feedback to reinforce generative patterns

• Mentoring acts as a Change Agent by pointing out non generative patterns and force bifurcation points where a choice between generative and non-generative paths must be chosen. Will you stay on the familiar known path? Or move to a new choice, the unknown

• Mentoring Guides you in new territory, helping a person to face their fears, motivating into new behaviors, confronting the wish to move to old familiar patterns

• Mentoring Motivates by asking you to set a course to your full potential and innate wholeness

Mentoring completes with internalizing the new alignments and the generative patterning that replaces the old way of being.




Consulting With Other Consultants


  • Looking at the underlying archetypal principles your clients are struggling with, naming the archetypal drama that is constellated

  • Looking at how the archetypal alignments unfold, beginning with the first contact made, knowing that there is an informational field unfolding

  • Looking at the archetypal informational field that is present in your case

  • Looking at the initial conditions and the trajectory set in motion

  • Creating archetypal interventions that create a fulcrum on the whole system

  • Learning how your own unconscious patterns are interfering with your interventions




Advertising and Branding

Branding is based on finding the underlying archetype of a company's product or the mission of your service, and then helping you or your company archetypally express yourself in the marketplace.

Consulting With HealthCare



  • Looking at somatic symptoms as an expression of an archetypal pattern

  • Learning why some patient's get to you and others don't

  • Enrolling and keeping the patient in a collaborative relationship in their medical treatment

  • Helping you to identify and shift archetypal patterns that interfere with patients' ability to follow through with your medical instructions

  • Finding a new entry point to work with difficult cases

  • Learning how to listen for unconscious communication from clients and how this relates to their presenting symptoms and their relationship with you


  • Looking at why some patients are more difficult for you to work with than others