Shannon Pernetti has been in full time private practice since 1975. Throughout her career, she has apprenticed with leading edge practioners. She has been pu rsuing her own and others 'opening in consciousness',  since 1970,  through immersion in traditional, wholistic and transpersonal models of therapy and meditation.  Her work has been in combining the model of Western psychotherapy with the Eastern knowledge of awakening, investigating the environmental, social, developmental and transpersonal forces on body, mind, psyche and soul.

She has studied in depth, and been supervised in practicing, the therapies that address working through the body, shadow, persona, ego, existential self, soul and spirit.

Because of her training and experience, she is able to work with you at your current level of consciousness and help you to integrate aspects that were left in your shadow and persona along with clearing the ways in which your ego inhibits access to your Spirit.

She has completed a twelve year apprenticeship to become an Archetypal Pattern Analyst, and has been named to the faculty of The Institute for the Study of Archetypal Pattern Analysis and is an Ordained Minister and a Vedanta Teacher.

· Transactional Analysis 1970 to 1975

· Group Therapy 1970 to 1993

· Developmental Theory 1978 to 1984

· Body Centered Psychotherapy 1977 to 1984

· Existential Psychotherapy 1980 to 1984

· Psychodynamic Therapy 1978 to 1985

· Gestalt Psychotherapy 1970 to 1993

· Non-Tradtional Couples Therapy 1983 to 1990

· Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 1986 to present

· Ego Psychology 1989 to 1990

· Dialogical Psychotherapy 1989 to 1995

· Expressive Therapys 1993 to 1995

· Transpersonal Group Work 1988 to 1993

· Vedic (Yoga) Psychology 1989 to present

· Archetypal Pattern Analysis 1996 to present

· Non Dual Philosophy 1988 to present

· Integral Therapy 2000 to present

· Non Dual  Psychotherapy 2010 to present